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Job Title
Safety, Health and Environment Management Officer
Job Description

Position:       Safety, Health and Environment Management Officer

Location:      Nairobi County

Reporting:    Senior Safety, Health and Environment Management Officer


About the Institute:

The Kenya BioVax Institute is a State Corporation tasked with the manufacturing, packaging and commercialization of specialized Health Products and Technologies (HPTs) that include vaccines, therapeutics and other biomedical products.


Job Purpose:

To support human and environmental safety during the handling of biological and non-biological products used in manufacturing, including undertaking constant risk management processes following environmental hazard assessment and environmental exposure assessment.

Ensure occupational safety, health and environmental management through the implementation of safe work practices that are in line with regulatory requirements, in accordance with adapted, local and international, pre-set standards and requirements as stipulated in World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO GMP); Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (Cap 387); and The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007, Kenya Accreditation Service Act, 2019.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: Biomedical Sciences, Health sciences, Public Health/Environmental sciences, Occupational safety and health/hygiene or any relevant medical Science, or equivalent qualifications from a recognized Institution; and
  2. Registration/certification with a relevant professional body where applicable.
Job Specification

Key Competencies and skills

  1. Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations;
  2. Good communication skills;
  3. Organizational skills including planning, monitoring and controlling;
  4. Interpersonal skills;
  5. Ability to work under pressure;
  6. Team building;
  7. Adaptability;
  8. Professionalism and Integrity;
  9. Problem-solving; and
  10. Results-driven

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Participate in gathering, evaluating, organising, managing and collating SHE information in a variety of formats;
  2. Prepare relevant documentations on SHE;
  3. Support development of SHE plans and work plans and performance targets;
  4. Draft SHE procedures and protocols with assistance of the designated SHE committee and safety, health, environment management;
  5. Support the implementation and review of the Institute’s SHE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and facility use guidelines;
  6. Provide proposals in the development of SHE activities with assistance of the designated safety committee and an occupational health officer;
  7. Keep up-to-date on national and global SHE requirements to support development of materials for health and environment safety policy advocacy;
  8. Implement the Institutional emergency response plan for the facility and collaborative programs to promote a responsive safety culture;
  9. Participate in statutory regulatory services including SHE audits, inspections and work process audits;
  10. Execute the waste management plan and procedures that adhere to international and local regulations in the transportation, handling and disposal of biomedical waste;
  11. Support the maintenance of safety reference libraries and disseminations of information to all who may need such knowledge regarding potential biologically hazardous materials and their control for continuous improvement;
  12. Assist in maintaining the SHE working environment;
  13. Secure SHE advisory committee documentation, policy, manuals, meeting minutes and work procedures for accountability and control;
  14. Implement the biosafety and biosecurity program to ensure safe custody of all the samples, seed cultures etc are stored according to regulations and conducive for execution of production and research work;
  15. Draft research proposals on Biobanking with relevant functional areas;
  16. Contribute to current innovation, technical and operational knowledge on matters affecting pharmaceutical industry through publications, editorials, among others;
  17. Provide regular, thorough and prompt communication to the Senior SHE Management Officer on key technical and administrative matters;
  18. Execute accident, incident guidelines as per institute SHE, Biosafety and Biosecurity policy including recording, investigation, corrective and preventive actions in promotion of culture of safety and security of personnel;
  19. Prepare relevant equipment and materials for safety and biosafety/biosecurity drills and schedule safety equipment servicing and repairs such as boilers, incinerators and firefighting equipment etc;
  20. Maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge, and preparedness across the organization which should include first aid and fire marshals;
  21. Participate in the investigation of all accidents and incidents and support implementation of corrective and preventive actions based on the findings and maintain an incident register;
  22. Participate in the drafting of SHE, Biosafety and Biosecurity internal and external audit schedules, and supervise implementation. The schedules shall include but are not limited to NEMA environment self-audit, OSHA audit, noise survey, fire audit, and city council fire inspection and clearance;
  23. Update the Institute’s SHE and Biosafety/Biosecurity documents, reviewing for completeness and accuracy ensuring submissions meet strict deadlines for submission and approval to the head of the department for timely transmission to regulatory authorities;
  24. Disseminate new knowledge from international protocols and best practices on SHE and Biosafety/Biosecurity relating to the production of vaccines, biologicals and other biomedical products and adapt them into Institute’s protocols;
  25. Implement work plans, budgets and performance targets; and
  26. Implement practices aimed at succession management, employee growth and development and mentorship for staff in the division to meet both Institution’s and personal development goals.

Terms of Service

The successful applicant will be appointed for five (5) year contract term and may be eligible for reappointment as per the Kenya BioVax Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Letter of Application (Indicate Vacancy Number)
  2. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae with telephone number and e-mail address
  3. Three letters of professional reference with contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  4. Copies of Academic Certificates and Transcripts
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