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Job Title
Principal Production Scientist, Vaccine and Biologicals- Fill and Finish
Job Description

Position:              Principal Production Scientist, Vaccine and Biologicals- Fill and Finish

Location:              Nairobi County

Reporting:           Assistant Manager, Vaccine and Biologicals Division- Fill & Finish

About the Institute:

The Kenya BioVax Institute is a State Corporation tasked with the manufacturing, packaging and commercialization of specialized Health Products and Technologies (HPTs) that include vaccines, therapeutics and other biomedical products.


Job Purpose:

The Principal Production Scientist Vaccine and Biologicals – Fill and Finish shall be responsible for filling vials with the vaccine or other biologicals and finishing the process of packaging and labelling the product in preparation for distribution.   The officer shall support the leadership in production activities in the section including raw materials specifications to ensure consistent availability of the department’s full range of finished products at the right quantity, quality, cost and timely manner.



  1. At least four (4) years relevant work experience in the Public or Private Sector;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in the following disciplines of science: microbiology, biomedical engineering, biology, biometry, medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, virology, immunology, biotechnology and veterinary medicine, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry with emphasis in relevant area (analytical, industrial, organic, physical, biochemistry, materials science);
  3. Demonstrated merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results; and
  4. Membership to a relevant professional body.
Job Specification

Key Competencies and skills

  1. Analytical and conceptual skills;
  2. Coach and mentor staff;
  3. Good verbal and written communication skills;
  4. Be a team player;
  5. Attention to detail;
  6. Persuasiveness;
  7. Negotiation;
  8. Influencing and leading;
  9. Conflict management;
  10. Adaptability;
  11. Results-driven.
  12. High emotional intelligence;
  13. Organizational skills including planning, monitoring and controlling;
  14. Interpersonal skills;
  15. Ability to work under pressure;
  16. Accountability; and
  17. Integrity


Key Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Participate in the design of new equipment or equipment modifications to provide for new product introductions and continuous improvement activities;
  2. Participate in the continuous improvement of vaccines and biologicals production processes and quality of products;
  3. Supervise officers to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP);
  4. Participate in the implementation of quality control procedures in laboratories in liaison with relevant functions;
  5. Participate in research trials in collaboration with Research and Development department;
  6. Participate diligently in various committees as shall be appointed or tasked from time to time;
  7. Implement the section’s strategies, decisions and policies as communicated by the Assistant Manager fill and finish section;
  8. Develop and maintain manual and digital SOPs, Batch Records, and logbook documentation with detail and accuracy in a timely manner;
  9. Conduct sensitization and in-house training for new technologies and new products;
  10. Compile periodic reports relating to vaccines and biologicals;
  11. Conduct the timely and safe disposal of non-conforming products, reagents, and materials;
  12. Review all reports for accuracy, relevance and presentation to the Assistant Manager fill and finish section in good time;
  13. Review corrective and preventive actions and root cause analysis and generate reports;
  14. Provide custody of professional and accountable documents;
  15. Carry-out supply chain management procedures in liaison with relevant function for acquisition and maintenance of optimal production material stock;
  16. Provide regular, thorough and prompt communication to the Assistant Manager fill and finish section on key technical, financial and administrative matters;
  17. Support in the development of the section’s strategic plan, business plan and budgets;
  18. Respond on production emergencies through shifts and 'on-call' and provide reports;
  19. Implement all biosafety and biosecurity, health and safety guidelines in liaison with relevant functions;
  20. Participate diligently in various committees as shall be appointed or tasked from time to time;
  21. Undertake development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly production plans and schedules; and
  22. Participate in the section’s expenditure and forecasting and development of the section’s budget and work plan.

Terms of Service

The successful applicant will be appointed for five (5) year contract term and may be eligible for reappointment as per the Kenya BioVax Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Letter of Application (Indicate Vacancy Number)
  2. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae with telephone number and e-mail address
  3. Three letters of professional reference with contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  4. Copies of Academic Certificates and Transcripts
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